Declutter – Habits Note


This looked sooooo pretty when I first saw it, and looked very doable.

It has the check boxes inside so you can track your habits daily.

I like the idea, but (of course) I ended up not using it.

It just sat in my drawer and started to even fade out. I wasn’t even in the condition of I can give it to someone.

It’s sad, but gotta trash it. At least, it’s paper – recyclable.





IMG_4301.jpg       IMG_4302.jpg

Cute monkey family dolls we collected through one of the festivals in Hong Kong.

(I think actually same festival with the tiggers..)

Had amazing time, but had to store them inside the drawer as well.

And found a nice friend who would want them. Very Happy! 🙂


IMG_4288.jpgIMG_4290.jpgSuch an adorable tigger dolls which me and my boyfriend tried really hard to get in one of the festivals in Hong Kong.

Because of the amazing memory, I couldn’t throw them out.

But definitely would not sit with my interior style, so kept them inside the drawer for so long.

And now I’ve found somebody who would really appreciate them!

(she is actually really excited to have them 🙂 )

I have pictures to remember them and think of the good memories..



I used the skin care routine of one pack a day before.

That’s when I started to buy all the mask sheets that existed in the world (with a bit more exaggeration)

Now that I’ve minimalized my skin care routine as well, I am not using as much.

So I have shared with few friends who would like to try.