Declutter – Silk Tube Dress

Used to love this silky Tube dress from Zara. But the as time passed, it has been out of my style and noticed that I was totally ignoring if for the whole summer last year. Decided to find it a nice owner who would appreciate this nice piece.

And I did! Now I don’t have to feel guilty whenever I look at it and this means more space for my other pieces I adore.


My goal to declutter until May and Carousell

As I have mentioned, I have a deadline of end May to do massive declutter. Reason being? It will the month I will be moving to a new place, and moving is always a perfect opportunity to declutter big time. And because I’m quite against throwing everything away, I am currently in the project of putting things that serves no more purpose for me and posting them on the used product selling app.

However, it’s quite challenging : I could never find any flee market (or garage sale) in HK. Let me correct myself, I could never find any flee market that was advertised with English. I was quite struggling for some while, and then found an app that works for me best in Hong Kong.

It’s an app called Carousell. (Please note that i am not sponsored or anything from this app).


You can simply post up to 4 photos, write down the description, and BAM! You are done.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to earn fortune from this. I post it with really cheap price, since my main purpose is to find the right person to use the product and not just waste them. So far I was able to sell around 25 pieces, and target 50 until mid May!

Try for yourself and let me know what you think!

You can find the website here or download app.

Declutter – Jurlique Face Mist

Ever since I learnt about how much a face mist can really help you with moisturizing your face (spoiler alert : not a lot. It de-hydrates your face if you don’t use it properly), I wasn’t really keen on using one. The ones I have, however, I realized I kept it for no reason.

Cautiously letting it go. It’s making more space for my cosmetic cabinet.

I’ve decided to live simple. Now what?

Great. You’ve decided to live simple.

Congratulations! I assure you, your life will be a lot more bright now that you have less clutter.

Now, then the next question is, where do you start?

My guess is, you already own too much stuff you’ve been collecting since University (or even in some case, from your childhood). Where do we start this journey, and how?

When I first was introduced to the concept of living simple life, I was amazed by it. It sounded too good to be true.

But whenever I actually tried to do something about it, it seemed impossible to start because my mind was not used to the concept of “letting go”. Thinking of letting go even really unnecessary stuff was very hard for me. I thought even junks (i,e clothes you’ve not been wearing for more than 10 years, movie tickets, museum vouchers, not working pens.. etc.) had a little bit of memory attached to it.

Best way that worked for me was to take pictures. Since the biggest reason on me having attachment to the junk was on “remembering memory” part, taking pictures and knowing that I still have that memory saved somewhere in my drive, mad the process so much easier. Do I go back yo archive and look at it? Not really. That’s why they were clutter. But it really does helps you be strong and make a decision on it.

And as for most of the tasks in life, the more you practice, the more you get better at it.

If you were struggling to make a decision and let go, try taking photos.

And share with us your experience!

Declutter – Chanel Lipsticks


I thought I was really good at decluttering.

But I found myself not able to throw away the used lipstick from my favorite brand for long, thinking I would use the left over parts some day (which I guess you could assume, never happened)

After taking photos, I was able to let them go.

Somehow, taking photos of the stuff that you cannot let go really helps you to detach yourself from the things. If you cannot let go, try taking photo. It really makes the process a lot easier. And after you finally let to, you will feel a great and free!


Inspiration on owning only what you love

Yes, that’s right. This is what my boyfriend was wearing as his belt. I tried to persuade him to buy new ones with similar designs for so long, but he refused cause he loves it so much.

He literally wore it every day, until we went to the same brand and bought the exact same one. On our way out, we took a memorable picture of it and threw it out in trash can.

Somehow it felt really good. Why was that? Is it because we went shopping and purchased something?

I thought about it and realized, it wasn’t because we bought something. But because we simply REPLACED with same thing you truly love. It didn’t give us the burden of owning more and decluttering. Also my boyfriends’s morning was a lot simpler he had only one choice for belt for casual occasion (another for work).

I am all about owning only what you truly love, but I was slacking these days. With all the shops around you, and being who I was before living simple life, I felt like I was slowly going back.

This definitely gave me an opportunity to re-look at my life style.

Minimalist Bedroom Inspiration


I am planning to move to another place next May.

That new place I am considering is built this year, and everything’s new and white. Just as I like it.

I am super excited for the place, but I don’t want my new place to be cluttered with bunch of stuff I will have to move with me.

That is part of the reason why I am trying so hard to get rid of clutter these days.

I do want to have my bedroom, with only the essential (no clutter whatsoever) so I can take the proper rest I need.

Getting rid of clutter is quite difficult especially when you cannot simply throw away things (which I think is really bad for the environment.. I prefer to find someone who would use it) but I will march on.

Until next May!!