My goal to declutter until May and Carousell

As I have mentioned, I have a deadline of end May to do massive declutter. Reason being? It will the month I will be moving to a new place, and moving is always a perfect opportunity to declutter big time. And because I’m quite against throwing everything away, I am currently in the project of putting things that serves no more purpose for me and posting them on the used product selling app.

However, it’s quite challenging : I could never find any flee market (or garage sale) in HK. Let me correct myself, I could never find any flee market that was advertised with English. I was quite struggling for some while, and then found an app that works for me best in Hong Kong.

It’s an app called Carousell. (Please note that i am not sponsored or anything from this app).


You can simply post up to 4 photos, write down the description, and BAM! You are done.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to earn fortune from this. I post it with really cheap price, since my main purpose is to find the right person to use the product and not just waste them. So far I was able to sell around 25 pieces, and target 50 until mid May!

Try for yourself and let me know what you think!

You can find the website here or download app.


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