Inspiration on owning only what you love

Yes, that’s right. This is what my boyfriend was wearing as his belt. I tried to persuade him to buy new ones with similar designs for so long, but he refused cause he loves it so much.

He literally wore it every day, until we went to the same brand and bought the exact same one. On our way out, we took a memorable picture of it and threw it out in trash can.

Somehow it felt really good. Why was that? Is it because we went shopping and purchased something?

I thought about it and realized, it wasn’t because we bought something. But because we simply REPLACED with same thing you truly love. It didn’t give us the burden of owning more and decluttering. Also my boyfriends’s morning was a lot simpler he had only one choice for belt for casual occasion (another for work).

I am all about owning only what you truly love, but I was slacking these days. With all the shops around you, and being who I was before living simple life, I felt like I was slowly going back.

This definitely gave me an opportunity to re-look at my life style.


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